Joscyln Mohr and Family(non-registered)
I can't tell you how much fun Tim, Cole, and I had when we did his senior pictures! The splashing in the puddles ended the day on such a lighthearted note; then you posted one of them! Our family was calling us to see more!

You are amazing! Your mother and you have a great eye and gift for this! Can't wait to see the proofs!

Sending lots of love!!!!
Erin Hull(non-registered)
Just saw Aaron & Nicole's wedding photos. They are fantastic!!!! Too many of my awful white girl dancing though.....Jenine!
Heather Julseth(non-registered)
All the pictures from Jason and Erin's wedding look fantastic!! So many to choose from!!! Thank you!
Breanna and Liz Ledbetter(non-registered)
we LOVE my pictures :) can not wait to get one's with Keegan to add to the album. And to get them printed off so i can show everyone how great they are :) Thank you SO much
Nancy Peak(non-registered)
Both you and your mom have such unlimited talent. What a wonderful thing you can share together. You can tell you have a photographer's eye since your pictures are fabulous! My blessings to you both!
Molly Sorrell(non-registered)
I love your photography and the fact you are working together!! What a fantastic thing! Best Wishes.
Debbie Lucas(non-registered)
Yvettte did my daughters senior pics they were great!
Kay Divan(non-registered)
What gorgeous pictures! You are both so talented!
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